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Pool City Carries Primo® Grills and Smokers

For the Grill Enthusiasts...Experienced or Novice

Only Ceramic Grill made in the USA!

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Primo® Ceramic Grills and Smokers (made in Atlanta, GA), make any outdoor grilling entree moist and tender. Your recipes will always turn out great!

Based on an ancient design, The Primo Ceramic Grill and Smoker® delivers the most advanced and versatile outdoor cooking technology to today's marketplace. Primo® combines centuries of proven cooking techniques with modern technology.

  • Extra Large Oval Cooker - 400 Square Inch Cooking Space
  • Advanced design - high-tech ceramic material that heats quickly and evenly.
  • Ceramic basin will not crack or break even at temperatures approaching 2300º degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Conducts virtually no heat.
  • Heat is sealed in, keeping air out.
  • This process creates moist and tender food.
  • The charcoals burn slower, making the The Primo® Ceramic Grill and Smoker® cheaper to use than other grills and smokers.